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Your DHG Team

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Global Player Designed To Meet Your Specific Need 
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Research & Design center in Seoul (Korea) working with global researchers for latest trends 
Service for market research / co-design / 2D &3D sketch / graphic / fabric sourcing
Dedicated Pattern / CAD / TD teams. Washing innovations team
250+ dedicated sample specialists for each stage of sampling in Indonesia production
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7 Subsidiaries across Indonesia and Vietnam for production
Local QA (Quality Assurance) & Compliance teams for quality management
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Stabilized cost
Low fluctuation in cost
Balanced utilization of COO (Country of origin) Indonesia & Vietnam
Competitiveness in vertical sourcing
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U.S. client service function in NY/NJ
Competitive pricing for the highest quality selected by global brands
Superior garment sourcing service from Korea & Idonesia

State of the Art On-site Washing Facilities

The latest washing innovation delivered in-house
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Latest Washing Technique
Laser whisker/ Mustache Processing
Ozone Wash / Machine Destroy
Bi-annual water effluent test per ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals) standards
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WTP & WWPT Plant
Use rainwater collection and wastewater
pre-treatment & recycle system
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Dry Processing Facility
PP Spray Booth / Curing Machine / Destroy Machine / Crinkle Machine

Global Production Line

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Bogor, Indonesia
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Prod. Site
Brebes, Indonesia
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Prod. Site
Thanh Hoa, Vietnam
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Prod. Line
Brebes, Indonesia
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Washing Facility
Brebes, Indonesia
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Brebes, Indonesia
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